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Counseling for Adults

  • Lacking motivation?

  • Lacking focus?

  • Dread getting up?

  • Difficulty problem-solving?

  • Withdrawing from family and friends?

Counseling helps.

  • Worrying about everything?

  • Lacking concentration?

  • Insomnia?

  • Irritability  / Instability?

  • Increased negative thoughts?


Counseling heals.


  • Feel taken advantage of?

  • Dysfunctional family?

  • Don't get needs/wants met?

  • Stuff emotions?

  • Avoid conflict?

  • Give 100%, get little back?

Counseling empowers.

Counseling Works!

Are you surviving not thriving?


Most likely you are suffering in some way such as feeling depressed or anxious. You have probably tried talking to friends and family or researching but it just isn't working.


You may feel like you are out of options and are having negative thoughts such as “I'll never feel happy again.” “I'll never have a

girlfriend/boyfriend/partner.” “I'll never find a job I like.” “I'm a failure.”


Depression, anxiety or other mental health issues can leave you

hollow inside. Nothing seems to matter anymore. Loved ones mean well as they suggest you exercise or hang out with your friends. Often, it is difficult to help others when you can't help yourself.


This can leave you feeling guilty or inadequate. No one seems to understand - “Look at your life - you have a nice house, a great car, a good job ... there are many things in which to be grateful.”

Being depressed can take over your life.



You are not alone.


Often, those with your pain describe how it is hurting their lives. Are you experiencing the following symptoms:


● Insomnia 

● Too much sleep without feeling rested

● An increase or decrease of appetite

● Withdrawal from the people you need most for support

● Lack of joy

● Irritability 

● Racing or increase in negative thoughts


If your suffering remains untreated it can result in some serious consequences for you such as:


● Loss of your support system/and strained relationships

● A decrease in your productivity at work

● Loss of job

● Lack of motivation

● Excessive weight gain or loss

● Thoughts of self harm


Although it feels like this pain will never end, your suffering is highly treatable! I'd like to help you through this troubling time.


Whether it be depression, anxiety or other mental health issue, it robs you of your joy. You start feeling like an empty shell. It affects your mind, body and soul. 


The good news is that you have a choice – you can choose to get well when you reach out for help. I'd like to help you get out of that dark hole to see the sunlight again.

Help ~ Hope ~ Healing


When you're hurting, it can be hard to take the brave steps to feel better. You might be thinking things like:


  • I want to feel better but I don’t know how

  • I’m sick and tired of feeling this way

  • I feel stuck in life

  • Life seems so easy for others

  • I ‘m overwhelmed and stressed

  • I’m smart, I just can't figure this out

  • I dread getting up to go to work every day


I understand.


Clients who generally seek me out are introverted adults who are getting established in their lives.  Perhaps you have had a several jobs but maybe you've become dissatisfied, and want something more.


You've likely been in at least one relationship that was unhealthy. Maybe you had a dysfunctional family growing up, but you know you are bright, hardworking and gain insight quickly. You're introspective, and wondering what your purpose is in life, and why career, love life, or friendships just don't seem to make you happy.


I see these common themes in counseling every day: 


  • Feeling stuck

  • Feeling like you can’t "figure it out" on your own

  • Having difficulty in relationships

  • Struggling with communication

  • Experiencing low self-confidence

  • Having trouble with speaking up

  • Feeling a painful hesitance to ask for what you need


You know you're too young to feel so discouraged and defeated.

It's just not clear how to get your life to work better.


Are these thoughts echoing in your mind?


  • I want to be well

  • I want to laugh again

  • I want to enjoy my family

  • I want to find motivation and zest for life

  • I want a career that is satisfying

  • I want to say no and hold my ground

  • I want to have a voice

  • I want to communicate better with others

  • I just want to be me


If so, counseling will help you achieve these goals.



The time to act is now.

Let's begin.


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Jolyn Brewer, LMHC
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