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Counseling for Assertiveness

Do you fear speaking up and expressing yourself?

Does holding in your feelings make life miserable?

Feeling overlooked? Wanting to be heard?



You may make the mistake of thinking that the word assertiveness means aggressiveness. Untrue! Assertiveness is a tactful way to express your wants and needs.


It's exhausting to harbor resentment for being overlooked. Maybe you berate yourself for not speaking up. Try as you might, attempts to assert yourself with others just aren't working.



I help people find their voice

and say what needs to be said.


Lack of assertiveness can make you feel like you don't have a voice and that others overlook you. That can lead to low self esteem and a belief that you'll never get your needs met.


Being unable to speak up for yourself might be causing you to over- commit to parents, friends or managers. And that can trigger feelings of anxiety, anger, resentment and being overwhelmed when someone makes a simple, innocent request.


You might even refrain from correcting others' impressions when they have made a mistake about you, if you can't be assertive. Or you might allow others to make decisions that involve you without your input, when you have definite opinions.



You'd like to feel confident in your communication

with others, instead of closed off.


You might suspect that not being assertive could be causing you to lose opportunities for deep relationships. Without feeling empowered in being assertive, it's difficult to have a peaceful and genuine life.


A key component of assertiveness is respect. Sometimes it's possible to respect others so much more than yourself that you put yourself last and your needs go unmet.


You might worry that becoming assertive will make you a bully or inappropriately aggressive. So here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • You can still be compassionate and giving to others

  • You can respect others' opinions even though they differ from your own

  • You have a greater chance of getting your wants and needs met


If you speak up, you can be respected more because you take a stand and have a greater chance to be heard.



I have 20 years of experience with this exact issue and

I can show you how to become assertive.


You can learn to use assertiveness to get your wants and needs met, and as a result, start living a more authentic life.


It can be helpful to know that assertiveness is believing that your wants and needs are just as important as everyone else's needs. 


Key Components of Assertiveness


• Believing in yourself 

• Respecting both yourself and others

• Learning skills that will help you be tactful and direct

• Directly stating your wants and needs


It doesn't matter if you are timid or bold, young or more mature. You can learn the skill of assertiveness.  I believe this because you are respectful. Don't we all want to be treated that way?


I have been teaching these skills for 20 years, and I have witnessed clients learning how to be comfortable and confident in stating what they need. I'd like to help you learn these skills, too.


I know you might be anxious because this is a new skill, but I will be with you every step of the way.



Imagine what it would be like

to finally express your mind and boost your self-esteem?


Just think how good it would feel to be comfortable turning down inconvenient invitations, or refusing the hundredth "favor" for a friend who keeps imposing on you.  


Imagine assertively asking your boss for a time extension so you can do a substantially better job on your report. Or pointing out the sizeable error your professor made when grading your Econ exam.


With more confidence in being assertive, you could contribute more of your knowledge to group assignments, instead of letting the leader monopolize the conversation.


And perhaps best of all, you'd have a better chance of nudging your partner off the couch so you can go out as a couple on the weekends.


You deserve a better life where people pleasing, resentment, and silence are a thing of the past.


You can do this.

Learning assertiveness with me will help.


Call 317 - 418 - 0597 now

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