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Counseling for Better Coping

Do you feel stuck in life?
Looking for help with motivation,
energy and direction?
Dreading everyday life?


When you suffer from a lack of joy and motivation, or from anxiety, it can be exhausting to face each day and get out of bed. You want help but you don't know where to begin. There is so much stress around you that you feel your world is spinning and you have no control. You feel stuck and immobilized. Everything is difficult.


Difficulty with everyday life such as doing chores, performing at work, paying your bills are warning signs that things are not getting better for you despite your efforts. You might be keeping this to yourself trying to wish away the pain. You are not alone.


Stress can cause physical ailments. Doctors say that 75% to 90% of all office visits are due to the effects of stress.  Silently building stress can cause headaches, migraines, stomachaches, random aches and pains, dizziness, nausea, angry outbursts, irritability, and insomnia.


You know your relationships have been getting worse, and your problem-solving skills aren't working well. You want to improve your mood and get more enjoyment out of life. You may be thinking that if you could handle things better, you could deal with the stress that comes along.  


Learning skills for managing your life is essential. It does not mean that you are weak or inept, you just did not learn them along the way. Without them, daily functioning, dreams for a relationship, college, earning potential and health may be strongly affected.


You don't have to spend your life in misery.


As a counselor with a special interest in helping adults learn new coping methods, I can offer you the latest tools and resources for getting unstuck. Although I work with adults of all ages, people aged 18 to 40 especially seek me out.


I specialize in helping you find and sustain personal and professional momentum. I use a variety of approaches such as aligning thoughts and feelings in a positive direction to help you get unstuck.


Getting counseling to learn better coping skills will help you understand how disempowering and self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings get started and then take over your mind and energy. You’ll learn how to counter negative beliefs and stop the stress it causes in your body.


And I’ll teach you approaches for catching future slides into stress or depression before they become problematic that don’t cost a dime to implement, anytime, anywhere.


Maybe you are thinking –

My friends say to just try harder and I’ll be fine.


A lot of people who feel stuck are told that they lack self-discipline, as if it is your fault you aren't clear about what to do. Trying harder to see in the dark is really not the solution. 


As a counselor specializing in helping adults create clarity and boost motivation and self-assurance, I'll first help you learn how to cope with where you are. 


Or perhaps --

My family says I should go back to school for a higher degree.


While more education can provide new perspectives and possibly more opportunities, it won't necessarily cure underlying emotional insecurities. 


As an experienced counselor, I will teach you how to change the patterns and perceptions of stuckness so that should you decide to go back to school, you'll have great coping skills to help you succeed.


So you wonder –

Won’t more attention on my stuckness just make me feel worse?


That's a common fear, and fortunately, when you’re talking to an objective professional, the exact opposite normally occurs. And as a counselor, I have many years of high quality education and experience to use to your advantage.


But you might be remembering –

I had therapy once before and I didn’t like it.


That happens. Each counselor is unique.  Each has a unique personality, a different approach and different areas where they excel.  


There are many approaches to therapy. It may be that your previous therapist and you just didn’t hit it off, through no fault of either. Maybe s/he took a broad approach and wanted to delve into more of your life than just your sense of stuckness, making you feel more insecure and vulnerable. Maybe you just couldn’t let yourself trust enough to be as open as your difficulty with self-motivating needed you to be.


Research shows that having the right counselor to work with makes the process more cost-effective and time-efficient. When you are comfortable with a professional’s personal style and educated approach, progress is more easily made and your efforts can pay off well.


How Will Counseling Be Different This Time?


Maybe now, you are ready.  You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You are ready to work hard and are willing to stay with a counselor long enough to see if you can trust her/him.


Take the Next Step Now.


If you are ready to gain new coping skills, and re-ignite your sense of confidence and self-driven motivation, I am here to help.


Call now


 I'll be happy to help you

live life with confidence


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