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Career Counseling

Choosing  / Managing a Career

Are you an experienced professional in the workforce?
Have you been in your job(s) for 5-10 years?
Have you had at least one job in your field?
Have you just started your first career?
Feeling insecure about creating a career ladder that will
provide you with a satisfying professional life?


Whether choosing a career or managing one, it can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself.  Making good decisions about what to apply for brings up many questions. And often those questions come with overwhelm, anxiety, and a lot of self-doubt.


Maybe you are realizing that you don't really know the best way to look for a job that would turn into a career.


Here you are with a new degree, but uncertainty about what to do with it. It seems everyone your age is more successful than you are. And to make matters worse, your family is pushing you to get a job.


After all the time spent in college, you're realizing that you don't know what your real interests are. You have a great education under your belt, but maybe you feel like you have no idea what you can be good at.


Does this sound like you:


  •  I spend hours looking on and can’t find anything

  •  I have sent out dozens of resumes with no response

  •  I have no focus/motivation

  •  What careers would be a good fit for me?

  •  I don't even know what I would like to do


Career counseling can help.

If you feel frustrated, discouraged, getting nowhere,

or don't even know where you are going, 

make an appointment today

and let's turn this around.

Career Burnout

Been in the workforce less than 7 years?

Over-worked, stressed out, and feeling like you 

made a mistake in choosing this career?


If you can’t stop thinking about things you need to do tomorrow at work, and / or are having trouble sleeping, you might already be suffering from burnout.


Other signs of burnout include:


  • It is hard to get out of bed

  • You dread Mondays

  • You feel anxious all of the time

  • You are irritable and impatient

  • Your self-esteem has taken a nose dive

  • You often say "I hate my job."

  • You feel like you’ll be stuck in this job forever

  • You have no control over your work tasks or conditions



Career counseling also helps for burnout.

If you have little to no control over your work conditions,

and you are feeling miserable and stuck,

make an appointment today

and find out about what you can do

to enjoy your worklife!



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