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When doubt immobilizes you.

Toxic doubt or fear can paralyze you from making a decision or live your life.

Let me rephrase that, “Kick the bucket of doubt down the road and never look back.” I don’t know about you, but I get tired of doubt’s annoying habits like second guessing my work. Doubt immobilizes me from moving forward especially when I’ve put so much of my heart into what I create. Can you relate? Doubt can poison your thoughts.

  • “You’re no good.”

  • “You’re incompetent.”

  • “You’re unlovable.”

  • “You don’t matter.”

Some doubt is healthy as it allows us to look within and evaluate the best decision for us. It keeps us from being impulsive and urges us to focus on our needs and wants.

Toxic doubt, however, can rob us of our opportunities in life.

Doubt can be fear

If we are fearful of making a decision, become immobilized and are unable to evaluate the pros and cons, we may not achieve our goals in life. However, some doubt or a little anxiety before taking action is an important way to look within to see if this is the action that you want to take.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Easier said than done, isn’t it? If you are fearful how can you move forward? Below are some of the steps to alleviate unnecessary fears to allow healthy doubt to assist you in making decisions. Yes, can be daunting, but have you noticed most everything worth doing has requires taking a risk in your life?

Some people have never learned how to decrease overwhelming negative thoughts. I am a therapist that can assist you work through the fear and negative thoughts.

Kick the Bucket of Doubt – here are a few of many strategies to assist you in moving past doubt.


Watch inspirational shows, picture relaxing images, read poetry or enjoy relaxing music. Surround yourself with positive people and stay connected. Take a mindfulness class with yoga for integrating mind, body and spirit. Take a risk, yes, a calculated one. Notice that it can be exhilarating and freeing. Write down some of the successes where you’ve taken a risk and use the list to inspire you.


There are multiple benefits from a brisk walk or workout. Taking care of yourself with adequate water, healthy food, good sleep habits

If you feel doubt (stress, fear) coming on, take deep breaths (see mindfulness.)


Choose an affirmation, one you can hang on your fridge or mirror.

If you don’t have a quote or daily affirmation, you can create one or find one on the Internet. The main objective is to say your affirmation often until your mind, body & spirit align with your words, thoughts and actions.

“There’s one thing I’ve learned, doubt is a sure sign of success.

It usually shows up just before you make it big.

PEACE be the Journey.” – Ho’o

Doubt has its place. We need to examine our actions to judge if they are healthy or not healthy. The important thing is learning the difference between whether you are experiencing valid doubt or if your mind is overcome with negative thoughts that you allow fear to hold you captive.

Learning to quiet your mind is a skill, but those with mental disorders may require more extensive help in working with paralyzing doubt. A licensed professional such as myself would be happy to help you.

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