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Counseling for Better Coping


If you feel like you are surviving not thriving, you might also feel like you've tried everything, and don't know what to do next. Perhaps negative thoughts leave you feeling hollow or hopeless. Maybe you're struggling with feeling guilty or like a failure, and yet your life looks fine to everyone else. What you want is clarity about your choices and confidence to move forward. And what you need are better, more effective, longer lasting coping skills.  I can help.



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Counseling for Confident Assertiveness


Assertiveness means having a voice. It's a way to be part of the decision making from choosing what restaurant to go to 

with your friends or to having a say in the implementation of a new project at work. The word assertive makes many 

people anxious. You might equate it with being aggressive, angry or pushy. Assertiveness, used correctly, can be a tactful, direct way of asking to get your needs met or to let your voice be heard. Perhaps your family solved issues by fighting or by suppressing emotions or needs. Assertiveness is a skill to be learned and you, too, with my help, can master this!


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Striving for Healthy Relationships


I am not a couple's counselor as I prefer to work on a person's unique needs. But, if you keep feeling unappreciated or unheard in your relationship, marriage,

friendships or work, I can help you figure out why that pattern seems to keep repeating in your life.  If your friends are jealous, or if your parents are judgmental, I can help you learn new skills for changing the dynamic in your relationship.  





Counseling for Depression


Most of us get the blues. We feel bad for a few days and then we are back to our old selves. Depression is different. It can come upon us unknowingly until our functioning, motivation and interest start to decline. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Major Depressive Disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 % of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.  There is no need to suffer in silence. You can feel better with treatment. What's the good news? Depression is highly treatable. Therapy is a great place to start toward your mental wellness. Let me help you get back on the road to feeling better.


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Counseling for Introverts

Many of my clients are introverts and you may be an introvert, too.  Often, introverts believe that this personality characterisic is a great detriment in their lives. At work, you like to think through ideas thoroughly before sharing it with others. But, you may become frustrated or discouraged when you can't give a quick answer. The truth is that most introverts are deep thinkers and when you share, you make thoughtful, high quality contributions. Introverts like you cautiously look at options, and you may have taken some time to look at this website and consider calling for an appointment. Let me show you how to embrace your personality style and to use your natural strengths to your advantage.


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Career Counseling


Many young people embarking on their career path, start out with the job search. If you don't have a thorough understanding about yourself you may choose jobs that are not a great fit. Jobs that are

not a great fit can lead to lack of interest/motivation, decreased productivity, stress, insomnia, reprimands at work, feeling trapped and job burn out. These feelings often put a strain on your home life.


I'm not a job coach, nor do I offer career placement where you get matched with a job, but I will help you with the areas that are essential for self-understanding, such as:


•Career Values





After you have a good understanding of yourself, we can begin the job search process which includes how to reach employers for a greater chance of job success. I ofter two career inventories in which I am qualified to interpret for you. If I believe that these are suitable for you, they can be of great benefit toward mapping your career.


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What is
Cognitive Behavioral

You have unique needs therefore I

treat your issues with a variety of

methods or tecnniques, not with a 

cookie-cutter method. I often use

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along

with Schema Therapy, Insight Oriented Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment

Therapy and others.



Specifically, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy means that I will help you look at how your thoughts and feelings combine to influence your choices and behaviors.



Not all therapists are alike! Some focus helping clients work through deep seated inner conflicts. Some believe that intensive analysis of your motivations produce the changes you want.



Every client is different, and not all therapists use the same therapeutic theories and techniques.



I use a cognitive behavioral approach which means that I help you look at how your thoughts and feelings combine to influence your choices and behaviors.



CBT is one of the most successful approaches to helping people change their relationships and improve their lives.



With CBT, I will teach you new skills for better coping with your emotions. I may give you exercises to use between sessions to help you increase awareness and develop flexibility with your new skills. We'll work on your practical goals together.



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