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Counseling for Introverts

Do you avoid large group social scenes?

Is your need for solitude misundersood?

Feeling shy and insecure, and wanting more confidence?


Maybe as an introvert you have been mistaken for being aloof or snobby when you have preferred a quiet weekend alone.  Your extroverted friends probably don't understand why you'd enjoy reading or meditating more than shopping or going out in groups.


It's not that you don't value friendships. It's just that you enjoy people one on one, rather than in crowds. You'd take deep, thoughtful conversations over the lively cocktail party small talk any day.


Your style is different from that of an extrovert, and perhaps you've been made to feel bad about that, like you're socially inept or awkward.  So let's clarify:


  • Introverts gain energy from the inside, from ideas

  • Extroverts gain energy from the outside, from people

  • Introverts feel drained by small talk and parties

  • Extroverts are the life of the party, can't wait for the next one

  • Introverts prefer limited but deep friendships

  • Extroverts have many acquaintances

  • Introverts want quiet for mental concentration

  • Extroverts want noise and activity

  • Introverts prepare what to say in advance

  • Extroverts talk off the cuff


Because of these differences, you might have some fears or concerns, such as whether being an introvert is somehow inferior to being an extrovert. 


Maybe you wonder if your shyness means you will always be overlooked in your career and social life because you don't stand out. Perhaps you fear that people think you are uninteresting if you aren't as outgoing as they are.


You might even worry that some people think you are disinterested because they have to ask for your input in a group.


You might be feeling guilty or ashamed in being yourself, as if there is something wrong with being an introvert.


As an introvert myself, I promise you

there is nothing wrong with this

way of meeting the world.


Researchers estimate that about 40% of American adults are introverts. Maybe it's helpful for you to know that introverts tend to have many skills and qualities that are highly prized by the extroverted world.


To name just one example -- Introverts spend time observing others, which is essential in relationships and career success.


In my own life, I have embraced my introversion in seeing the many gifts that it brings.  Employers have appreciated my well thought out suggestions.  I think things through very thoroughly which is an asset as well. 


Being introverted doesn't mean I don't like to be around people. I have given numerous presentations on areas in which I’m passionate, I enjoy performing in community theater and enjoy spending time with my friends. But, it is true for me that I often have to stretch myself when going to parties, large 

conferences and other events with small talk.


It is essential that we stretch ourselves.  If this brings you fear, let me show you some great strategies to help you feel more comfortable in areas that bring you discomfort.


If being an introvert is causing you confusion or pain,

counseling will help.  Make an appointment today.




Let me guide you through this.

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